70+ Hard Would You Rather Questions

If the simple and overly predictive would you rather questions are no longer doing it for you, then you should try answering some hard would you rather questions.

In case you have never heard of the would you rather questions game, it is a simple game where you have to pick one of two options you would rather do. It is also called “the either or questions game” or “This or That questions game.”

The game is even more fun when you have to pick between two impossible choices. These impossible would you rather questions force you to spend more than 15 seconds trying to decide which of the two closely related scenarios would be easier to deal with.

That’s why we’ve decided to put together a list containing some of the toughest, hardest and frankly impossible would You Rather Questions.

Have fun cracking your brain!

Hard Would You Rather Questions

hard would you rather questions

The following questions are hard and impossible would you rather questions to ask anybody:

  1. Would you rather have a sore on your tongue or have sores on your gum?
  2. Would you rather eat a meal that’s too hot or too peppery?
  3. Would you rather date someone who’s vain or date someone with low self-esteem?
  4. Would you rather your parents disliked your partner or your partner’s parents dislike you?
  5. Would you rather stay at a hotel with no electricity or stay at a hotel with no running water?
  6. Would you rather go camping with a stranger or go camping alone?
  7. Would you rather steal some money or have money stolen from you?
  8. Would you rather have your ex stalk you or have your partner’s ex stalk you?
  9. Would you rather sleep on a king-sized bed all alone or sleep on a small sofa with your significant other?
  10. Would you rather tell a lie to protect someone’s feelings or tell the truth and upset them?
  11. Would you rather over-sleep or be unable to get any sleep all night?
  12. Would you rather work for someone who’s always angry or work for someone who always gets you angry?
  13. Would you rather your partner walks away on your wedding day or on your honeymoon?
  14. Would you rather be out in a storm or be out in a blizzard?
  15. Would you rather work at a job you love for very low pay or work at a job you hate for very high pay?
  16. Would you rather have a lot of fake friends or have no friends at all?
  17. Would you rather be with someone you love but who doesn’t love you or be with someone who loves you but you don’t love?
  18. Would you rather lose a large sum of your money or lose a smaller sum of a friend’s money?
  19. Would you rather have people spread false gossip about you or have people spread a true but awful secret about you?
  20. Would you rather save an antique painting from a fire or save a bag of money from a fire?
  21. Would you rather live somewhere really hot or live somewhere really cold?
  22. Would you rather undo past mistakes or never make another mistake in the future?
  23. Would you rather save 5 acquaintances from a Ponzi scheme or have your best friend lose all his money to the same scheme?
  24. Would you rather be rich but full of fear or be poor but at peace?
  25. Would you rather have your friends think you’re a horrible person or have your family think you’re a horrible person?
  26. Would you rather miss an examination you can’t retake or fail an examination?
  27. Would you rather get one burn on your skin or get a lot of scratches on your skin?
  28. Would you rather sleep in a stuffy room or sleep in a smelly room?
  29. Would you rather have a partner who doesn’t trust you or have a partner you don’t trust?
  30. Would you rather be blindfolded and restrained or have your mouth duct teaped when restrained?
  31. Would you rather find a dead cockroach or a dead lizard at the bottom of your drink?
  32. Would you rather break a toe-nail or break a finger-nail?
  33. Would you rather have a rash that won’t go or have a boil that won’t go?
  34. Would you rather get backaches from exercising or get leg cramps from exercising?
  35. Would you rather lose your eyebrows or lose your eyelashes?
  36. Would you rather be banned from using the internet for life or be banned from using social media for life?
  37. Would you rather be running a fever or have a really bad cold?
  38. Would you rather clean up someone else’s vomit from the floor or have someone puke on you?
  39. Would you rather have a cut on your lip or have a cut on your tongue?
  40. Would you rather spend Christmas day alone or spend New Year’s day alone?
  41. Would you rather own a parrot that talks too much in the daytime or a parrot that sings all night?
  42. Would you rather your boss finds out you hate him or find out your boss hates you?
  43. Would you rather forget to take a shower or forget to brush your teeth?
  44. Would you rather live in a desert or live in a jungle?
  45. Would you rather have an annoying roomate or have noisy neighbors?
  46. Would you rather be stuck in traffic for hours or have to queue on a line for hours?
  47. Would you rather ask for a favor from your ex or ask for a favor from a total stranger?
  48. Would you rather be a hostage for a year or go to prison for a year?
  49. Would you rather marry someone you love but who’s very poor or marry someone you don’t love but who’s very rich?
  50. Would you rather be forced to go into hiding or run away from your country?
  51. Would you rather have a child every year for 20 years or never have children all your life?
  52. Would you rather be on bed rest for a month when sick or have to visit the hospital every day for a month when sick?
  53. Would you rather have something stuck in your eye or have something stuck in your nose?
  54. Would you rather sleep on a dirty bedsheets that don’t smell or a smelly bed that with clean sheets?
  55. Would you rather get no presents on your birthday or get presents you don’t like?
  56. Would you rather be able to read your partner’s mind or have a partner who can read your mind?
  57. Would you rather be surrounded by people who brag about their achievements all the time or be surrounded by people who complain about what they haven’t achieved all the time?
  58. Would you rather live in an overpopulated neighborhood or in a deserted neighborhood?
  59. Would you rather forget how to read or forget how to write?
  60. Would you rather listen to only one song for the rest of your life or never listen to music again?
  61. Would you rather fall down a long flight of stairs or fall down an escalator?
  62. Would you rather scratch an itch in your butt in public or scratch an itch in your armpit in public?
  63. Would you rather ruin someone’s surprise or have someone ruin your surprise?
  64. Would you rather have to do work under hot sun or heavy rain?
  65. Would you rather suddenly be a grandparent on your death-bed or start school all over again as a toddler?
  66. Would you rather roll around in grease or roll around in the mud?
  67. Would you rather kill the President of the United States or the Pope?
  68. Would you rather have an incurable STD or give the love of your life a curable STI?
  69. Would you rather catch your dad cheating on your mom or catch your girlfriend cheating on you with your high school bully?
  70. Would you rather be accused of stealing a lady’s underwear or discover that the toilet is broken after taken a very discomforting poo in your crush’s house?
  71. Would you rather wet the bed the first time your girlfriend spends the night or poop yourself doing squats in a public gym?

So that’s it – more than one hundred of the hardest would you rather questions for anyone.

We need more of these tough questions, so if you can come up with some hard would you rather questions, drop them in the comment section.

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Happy gaming!

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