50+ Meddlesome and Flirty Would You Rather Questions

Are you looking for a great list of flirty Would You Rather Questions?

Perhaps you have a crush or friend you would like to take things further with, but you haven’t had the opportunity. Or maybe you and your special person are bored and looking for a fun outlet.

Would You Rather Questions are always fun to answer, provided they are interesting questions. It gets even better when these questions come with a flirty theme.

If you’re new to this game, it’s straightforward to get the hang of it – Would You Rather is choosing between two alternatives. Would you rather do this, or Would you rather do that? It’s a great way of starting conversations and discovering preferences.

It is also called “This or that Question Game,” Either-Or Questions Game, and sometimes it is played as a “Gun to Your Head Questions Game.”

So the next time you’re down for Flirty Would You Rather Questions, here are a couple of fun question ideas. We have kept these questions family-friendly, but you can always modify them to turn up the heat!

Flirty Would You Rather Questions

flirty would you rather questions for teenagers

The following are flirty would you rather questions you can ask when you’re out of conversation ideas with that person of interest:

  1. Would you rather get a kiss on the cheeks or forehead for a first kiss?
  2. Would you rather get a french kiss or a peck for a second kiss?
  3. Would you rather get a warm hug or a kiss from a crush?
  4. Would you rather say something sweet to your partner or say something flirty?
  5. Would you rather run your fingers through your partner’s hair when kissing or across their face?
  6. Would you rather wear what makes you feel good or look good?
  7. Would you rather get compliments from many people at a club or get compliments from just your crush?
  8. Would you rather watch a comedy or romantic movie on a movie date?
  9. Would you rather watch a romantic movie at home with your crush or watch it together at the cinema?
  10. Would you rather cuddle up with your someone or make out with someone?
  11. Would you rather tell someone how you feel over the phone or in-person?
  12. Would you rather commend someone’s appearance or personality?
  13. Would you rather hold hands or place your head on your partner’s shoulder?
  14. Would you rather receive a sentimental or expensive gift?
  15. Would you rather call a crush a romantic nickname or a naughty nickname?
  16. Would you rather date someone whose love language is words of affirmation or someone who loves quality time?
  17. Would you rather date someone whose love language is Receiving Gifts or someone who loves Acts of service?
  18. Would you rather receive an “I love you” or an “I miss you” text?
  19. Would you rather make your partner laugh or blush?
  20. Would you rather get a back rub or a foot rub?
  21. Would you rather receive a cute handwritten note or a cute text message?
  22. Would you rather read a romantic novel or watch a romantic movie?
  23. Would you rather go on a romantic vacation or an expensive vacation?
  24. Would you rather flirt with words or emojis and memes?
  25. Would you rather kiss your partner in front of their parents or front of their friends?
  26. Would you rather cuddle in bed or beside a fireplace?
  27. Would you rather take a long walk or go on a long drive with your partner?
  28. Would you rather have a small or big wedding?
  29. Would you rather hold hands with your partner or wrap your arms around your partner?
  30. Would you rather receive a public or private display of affection?
  31. Would you rather tease your significant other with suggestive words or tease your significant other with suggestive actions?
  32. Would you rather be accused of being clingy or distant?
  33. Would you rather be known as a fashionable person or a smooth talker?
  34. Would you rather exchange a kiss under the stars or while watching the sunset?
  35. Would you rather go to your place or their place after a first date?
  36. Would you rather have a fling with your high school crush or your celebrity crush?
  37. Would you rather blow a kiss at your crush or wink at them?
  38. Would you rather rest your head on your partner’s shoulders or chest?
  39. Would you rather wear your partner’s shirt or drive their car?
  40. Would you rather be the most sought after or have a highly sought-after partner?
  41. Would you rather get matching tattoos or wear only matching outfits for a month?
  42. Would you rather take a shower or sit in a bath with your partner?
  43. Would you rather tell your partner about your secret savings or keep it a secret?
  44. Would you rather make out in an office at the movies?
  45. Would you rather sing karaoke with your friend or partner?
  46. Would you rather be able to feel your partner’s physical pain or emotional pain?
  47. Would you rather have a partner who works a night shift or is away every weekend?
  48. Would you rather spend your birthday with friends or alone with your partner?
  49. Would you rather assist your partner in the kitchen or watch your partner cook?
  50. Would you rather go somewhere sunny or cold for your vacation?
  51. Would you rather be miserable with your partner or go your separate ways?
  52. Would you rather lie to them to protect their feelings or tell them the truth and hurt their feelings?

And there you have it – the most flirty and inquisitive questions to spice things up when you’re playing with a significant other.

If you’ve got any flirty would you rather question, help everyone by dropping them in the comments section.

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